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Bovingdon HP3 Asbestos Survey


Looking for an Asbestos Survey quote in the Bovingdon area? simply complete the attached quote form and we will be in touch.

The cost of Asbestos Surveys varies greatly depending upon the size of the property, the number of potential asbestos containing materials, and the number of test samples required. 

Bovingdon Abestos Survey Quote 


There are 6 types of asbestos but only 3 have been widely used in building materials: White, Brown, Blue. Strictly speaking blue is the most dangerous, followed by brown and then white. However the material with which the asbestos was mixed is an important risk factor. If the fibres are well bonded the material is lower risk as fibres are less likely to be released and to become airborne. When dealing with high risk materials even minor disturbance can release significant quantities of fibres. Most people know what an asbestos roof looks like but very few Bovingdon home owners realize that asbestos can also be found in quite a range of relatively common building products which are listed below. Contact the Bovingdon Asbestos Survey team today for a quick quote, and get that Asbestos removed. 

Some of these are as follows:

Asbestos roofing material.

Asbestos wall panels.

Asbestos ceiling panels.

Asbestos fire blankets.

Acoustic ceiling tiles.

Sound proofing wall panels. Soffit panels (located under the eaves). Felt roof lining materials.

Insulation materials used to lag hot pipes and hot water cylinders. Insulation materials used in ceilings.

Hessian covered cork notice boards. Vinyl floor tiles. Artex type wall and ceiling coverings.

Bricks used in night storage heaters.



If you need an Asbestos Survey get in touch, Asbestos removal in Bovingdon is a very dangerous task, and should only be performed by Bovingdon Asbestos expert contractors.

Any claims of asbestos in a Bovingdon building, either residential or commercial should be taken very seriously due to the health problems it can cause. Any testing, toxic material identification and subsequent asbestos removal should only ever be conducted by Bovingdon Asbestos survey and removal experts, since the material is extremely hazardous to handle.

Asbestos was once seen as a premium product within the building and construction industry in Bovingdon due to its tensile strength and fire resistance.
Unfortunately further studies of asbestos identified glass like fibres within the material which are lethal when breathed in and symptoms would not appear until many years later.



Bovingdon Asbestos Survey

Bovingdon Asbestos Survey Quote


Get your FREE QUOTE for asbestos removals in Bovingdon by completing the online QUOTE FORM provided for a quick reply. Asbestos survery & removals covering the Bovingdon HP3 area.

Asbestos can be located in any part of a building in Bovingdon that was built or refurbished before 2000. Common Bovingdon locations were asbestos can be found include:

• Roof tiles
• Garage and sheds roofs
• Insulation boards
• Ceiling tiles
• Floor tiles
• Bath panels
• Central heating flues

This is not an exhaustive list of possible locations for asbestos, so an Asbestos Survey is highly recommended. Get a free Asbestos Survey Quote today!


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